Promoting Electric Mobility in Urban Europe
Promoter of sustainable transport modes.

The proEME project aims to support electromobility as developing a sustainable mode of transport in European cities. The primary objective of the project at national and pan-European level is to create a critical mass of communities using electromobility opportunities, to stimulate the spread of electric vehicles and, to that end, to analyze the European market for electric vehicles.
The project encourages and supports the acceleration of the deployment of server infrastructure, the preparation and support of regulatory decisions with different multiplier effects, and the creation of online tools and interfaces that directly reach the owners of electric cars, serving their needs.
In addition to the above, proEME aims to stimulate the market for used electric cars, support fleet managers, traders, leasing companies, manufacturers and authorities to make (public) purchases of green cars.

The duration of the project is 30 months, and the participating countries beside Hungary include Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Belarus.

The Hungarian Electromobility Association participates in the project as a consortium member of a winning tender.

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